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Humm !, what can I say if you played the game you can fill in your own compliment here ................. but for all of you who don’t have the means to play or just can't be bothered to fork out the very precious ten pound's it will take to purchase this game with the update TOSC, you can view the review page for an idea of the game. There may be many site's of better quality and size than this but I believe we have the advantage over many with special feature's for example, a beginner's voyage through Baldur's gate (top secret for now but that will be coming soon ) I trust you can view and enjoy.


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Update (8.9.2000) The whole site has been improved, it should run faster, there is an extra tips section you can find in cheats also two new updates for PTP .

Good new's bad new's (9.9.2000) The good new's is that the site should be a lot faster, because I have used an html shrinker, but unfortunately when I shrank my icq banner it decided not to work anymore so we won't be seeing that again.

Icq Banner (9.9.2000)The icq banner also had a counter on, so this site has had more visitor’s than the present counter record's when the counter was lost it was about 165 visits.

Update 2 (23.9.2000) Ok, I have finally got weapons for players guild, all the items and weapons have pictures, now when you look at the NPC's ,you can click on their name and you will get a picture and brief description and to finish we now have a guestbook so you can give your views on any matter, concerning this site or Baldurs Gate.

 Update 3 (27.9.2000)The whole site's grammar and spelling's have been improved, also there is a My Party section in PTP, and an update to PTP. Untill next time enjoy.



I would like to thank PCGAMER UK, for info, also Jacob Ellis for work on this site.